Frequently Asked Questions

Prepaid insurance works in the same way as buying prepaid airtime, except you are buying kilometres. So, if you buy 350 kilometres, you are comprehensively covered for 350 kilometres travelled. When your kilometres are running low, you can top-up (purchase more) kilometres via our website.

Our unique Prepaid package allows you to buy insurance on demand, as and when you need it. You should never pay more for insurance than necessary, and you choose how and when you want to be covered.

As long as you maintain a positive kilometre balance, you are covered comprehensively.

All our vehicles are fitted with a smart in-car device which allows us to help you make better driving decisions. This will be used to track your kilometres and we will remind you to top-up your kilometre balance on a regular basis. Topping up is easy. Log into your client portal and tell us how much cover you need.

Should you fail to top-up for whatever reason, and your kilometre balance reduces to zero, you will still have insurance cover but will only be covered for events that occur at your stated Risk Address. Loss and/or damage that occurs at any other place outside of the Risk Address (usually your home) will not be covered.

It is therefore very important that you top-up regularly, or buy enough kilometres to ensure that you always have comprehensive cover.

Your Prepaid premium is split into two portions:

A fixed portion:
This is a flat premium which is paid monthly to cover you for risks not associated with driving. These are events that can lead to loss and damage to your vehicle even when it is stationary.

A variable portion:
This portion of your premium covers risks associated with driving. It is calculated as your per kilometre rate multiplied by the number of kilometres you purchase.

You are required to purchase a minimum of 350km every time you top-up.

You can also switch to the Uncapped package at any time if you’re planning to travel further, or use your vehicle more regularly.

You can top-up your kilometres by logging into your client dashboard and selecting your policy in the top-up widget.

No, your prepaid kilometres never expire.

We strongly suggest that you download the Club Assist app. This will allow you to submit a claim, contact us in an emergency and complete the pre-inspection of your vehicle.

The pre-inspection needs to be done within 48-hours of accepting your policy. If you do not have access to the Club Assist app you can take your vehicle to your nearest Glasfit or contact C-Track.

Should you have an issue with the application installation or application functionality please contact our consultants who will be able to assist you.

You can download the mobile application from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store. Head to our microsite below for more infomation.

Mobile Application

A vehicle pre-inspection is a series of seven photographs:

  • Front of vehicle.
  • Left side of vehicle.
  • Right side of vehicle.
  • Rear of vehicle.
  • Vehicle's odometer.
  • Vehicle's licence disc.
  • Driver's licence.

These photographs can be submitted via our mobile application. The pre-inspection must be completed within 48 hours of policy acceptance.

Head to our microsite below to download the mobile application.

Mobile Application

As an alternative, you can take your vehicle to your nearest Glasfit or arrange the inspection with C-Track.

Unlimited insured kilometres at a fixed premium.

You can switch between Prepaid and Uncapped at any time. This can be done via your client dashboard by choosing the insured vehicle, then selecting the switch option. You can select the date you want the change to take effect.

We will pay a rateable proportion of the amount payable to you.

The Smart In-car device must be fitted within 5 days. If the Smart In-car device is not fitted on time, comprehensive cover will be suspended until the device is fitted.

You can claim:

  • Via the Club Assist application.
  • Use the online chat facility on our website to speak to one of our consultants.
  • Call us on 011 686 4330 and speak to one of our consultants.

Create an inventory of your contents with an estimate of how much it will cost you to replace each item. The sum of all the values in this listing will make up the value to be insured.

Yes. It is an option you can add when you complete your quote.

Yes, adding security features to your motor vehicle will improve your risk profile.

Market value is generally lower than retail value.

Retail value is the average price a dealer would sell the vehicle for, taking into account mileage, condition and age. The settlement amount will be based on its retail value less the applicable excess, therefore ensure that your vehicle is insured at retail value in order to avoid under insurance.

We need to see if there is any existing damage and to validate the vehicle insured.

A Kilometre Bonus is applicable on the Uncapped option only and is rewarded in arrears based on the previous months' mileage.

Should you travel for less than 2000km in any month, you will receive a credit based on the number of kilometres you travelled and your per km rate as previously calculated. This will be rewarded to you as a credit on your next premium due.

Note that no credits will ever be paid out in cash and should you cancel your policy, your Kilometre Bonus will fall away.

You need to let us know immediately if your vehicle leaves South Africa.

You will be covered provided that you are on the Uncapped option.

If your vehicle leaves the Republic of South Africa and you are on the Prepaid option, you need to inform us (The Insurance Club) immediately.
This will allow us to:

  • Switch your package to the Uncapped option.
  • Ensure that your C-Track sim card is not set to roaming. All roaming costs incurred will be billed for your account.

Should you fail to inform us of your vehicle leaving the Republic of South Africa, you will not be covered for any claims that occur outside of the Republic of South Africa.

Please note that we will not be liable for any costs associated with the repatriation of your vehicle to the Republic of South Africa.

The Insurance Club is a division of Constantia Insurance Company Limited a registered Financial Services Provider FSP #31111, and a member of the South African Insurance Association (SAIA).